Press release April 2014 might just be the best and cheapest way to present your apps

So you’ve finished your app, and now you want to present it more professionally than through simple screenshots. With environments from, you can now showcase your work in various settings, e.g. on an iPhone 5 with a city background, or how about a woman watching a screenshot of your app on her Samsung Tab? is an easy-to-use online service, aimed at hobbyists, indie developers, and professional app developers. The site is extremely professional and has a straightforward navigation. The environment images are high quality and can be bought in different resolutions, and there are dozens to choose from; pick a favorite device, from iPads to Macbook Pro, to showcase your app, and with the prices offers, there’s no need to settle for just one environment.


The real strength of lies in not only in how simple it is to use, but in its pricing. offers environments at very affordable fees. Where other companies may charge from $100 and up to $2000, depending on which license you buy, you can get an environment from starting at just 99 cents, and where a high resolution image won’t set you back more than $3. Offering such low prices, without compromising quality, is possible because operates with just one simple, easy-to-understand license; no matter what you need the environment for.


Save money, save time. Even for those who have never worked with environments before, is fast and uncomplicated to use. Presenting your screenshot in a professional manner is a matter of three simple steps:


  1.       Drag your app design into the browser
  2.       Drop the image onto the environment
  3.       Your app design will be displayed in a perfect frame and setting


The environments can be used to present many other things than just applications. Add a screenshot of your homepage or your web shop to advertise for them, and make them more appealing by letting the visitor imagine that he’s already on your website.


If you’re still not convinced by the competitive prices, or if you want to get an idea of what the finished product will look like before committing to a purchase, you can get started by trying’s free download, sized at a decent 700 pixels x 470 pixels.

Find more mockups at